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David Potts-Dupre: Music

If I

(David Potts-Dupre)
If I
David Potts-Dupre, April 2002

If I were on the moon, would the earth set at noon
Would the earth rise at all or would it always be nightfall

If I could breathe underwater and marry a mermaid's daughter
Would I ever come up for air or would I always live down there

It's fun to imagine what the world would be like
If the rules that we live by rode away on a trike
If the things I expect melted like butter
If my self limitations washed away in the gutter
Oh, what a magical world

If I closed my eyes real tight and I shut out all of the light
If I turned my eyes would I find, I'm looking back into my mind

If I could be any color I choose or have stripes of greens and blues
Would I change every day and each night or would I still always want to be white

It's fun to imagine, how the world would be
If the whales ran on land and the squirrels swam the sea
If we all sprouted wings, but chose not to fly
If we could live forever, but still chose to die
Oh, what a magical world

If my ears could hear Horton's who's, I'm not sure that's a choice I would choose
Would your whisper turn into a shout and would a shout blow my eardrums right out

If I kindly asked you to dance, would you sway in a Grateful Dead trance
Would you eventually swoon in my arms, having been swept away by my charms

It's fun to imagine how the world would look
If a cook became President and the President cooked
If our greatest endeavors became the merest of things
If all men were queens and the women were kings
Oh, what a magical world

Song Notes

If I

Another song tapping into my weird imagination and my childlike -- or, depending on your point of view, childish -- sensibilities. I can sometimes get bogged down in writing supposedly meaningful, serious songs and it's fun sometimes to just write something simple, light and carefree.