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David Potts-Dupre: Music

State Fair

(David Potts-Dupre)
State Fair David Potts-Dupre 7/20/05

Out on the road, with my family in the car
Had a ways to go, but we hadn't gone too far
Just round the bend, the kids let out a scream
What they saw ahead was the perfect waking dream

Big blue ferris wheel with sparkling lights ablaze
Shimmering through the muggy summer haze
Giant spinning wheel, balanced on the trees
It evoked in me some childhood memories

Chorus A
Like one more time on the ride, Dad (KidsĀ second time)
One more hour at the fair
Just give me one more dollar and I'm sure I'll win
That great big teddy bear

Pulled off the road, to a spot in the field
Paid our ten dollars and ran toward the wheel
Climbed in the cart, gripped the handle tight
Felt our stomachs fall as we rose to distant heights

Chorus B
One more visit with the pigs, Mom (kids)
One more chocolate ice cream cone
One more trip through the haunted house
Then I swear it's time to go (last time "But I sure don't want to go)

The tilt-a-whirl, where I first kissed a girl
The shooting gallery
The tic-tac-toss, the games I always lost
It all makes sense to me

The roustabouts, and the barker's shouts
Trying to get me in the game
The calliope, sings a song to me
I'm always so glad I came

The wheel it stops, at the top of the ride
Nervously we peek over the side
Hoping it'll stay, hoping it'll go
My wife and I we just hold hands and let the feelings flow

Finish with Chorus A and B

Song Notes

State Fair

One of the great things about being a parent is being able to reconnect with you childhood through your kids and doing stuff with them. When I'm out on the highway and I see a ferris wheel appear above the trees, I still get the same feeling of excitement I did as a kid. There is something magical about fairs that suddenly appear out of nowhere.