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David Potts-Dupre: Music

American Death

(David Potts-Dupre)
AMERICAN DEATH David Potts-Dupre 2/07

In the spirit of all things American, not the thing about the cheek, but the eye for an eye
I dedicate myself to the proposition that if you kill, then you gotta die
And if you're gonna die, then ya gotta die hard
Quick and humane ain't gonna pay you back
If you caused pain then pain you will reap and you're death'll be on the fast track

Cause I wanna see the whites of your eyes
I wanna hear your pitiful cries
I want ya to know that you're gonna die
You're gonna die

Now I like a hanging in the public square, but shorten the rope so his neck won't break
Let him strangle and struggle and twist all about, let him hang for as long as it takes
And a firing squad seems a little too quick, and I don't get why there's an empty gun
If you're gonna feel guilt then get out of the way
There's lots of us ready for that kind of fun


Those soft hearted liberals with their holier than thous
It's clear that they'll never understand
That killing a man who's killed a man
It's all part of God's Grand Plan
And I don't care what they do in England
And I don't care what the Russians might say
The rest of the world, it can all go to hell
Cause we're Americans, yeah we're Americans
We're Americans, and it's the American way

Don't let him appeal, don't test DNA, he was found guilty by a jury of peers
Mistakes may be made, but that's just life, or death in this case, don't shed any tears
And if he's guilty let him die the next week, get him off the taxpayer's dime
Let him sit all alone and contemplate death, yeah, seven days is plenty of time


Song Notes

American Death

The religious right rises again. If you're going to support the death penalty, this song suggests you take it the whole way. Stop trying to sugar coat the motivation and just get to the retribution. Lori worries that people won't get the true meaning of this song and that it might be taken as an anthem in support of the death penalty. She wants me to explain my position before I play the song. I sort of enjoy watching people squirm in their seats for awhile until they realize what I'm getting at. If some people don't get it or take it the wrong way, so be it.