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David Potts-Dupre: Music

they speak at night

(David Potts-Dupre)
I wrote five of the songs on this CD after I began recording and three of them, to one degree or another, deal with communicating with the dead – the girl in Just Like You sensing her mother, me singing to my mother after her death and this song. I came up with the instrumental portion of this song months before I figured out lyrics for it. I particularly like how the verses shift from 3 /4 time to 4 /4 time on each of the first three lines. It’s another drop D song. My wife and Steve interpret the lyrics differently than I, which I like, and I won’t tell you how I interpret them.
they speak at night David Potts-Dupre 12/11

The dead speak to us at night
In our dreams, what’s wrong and right
Shades of grey, not black or white
The dead they speak at night

Close your eyes my little one
The dead they come as day is done
Dreams for you have all been spun
The dead they speak at night

Are they praising, are they warning
Are they lending, the strength of generations to you
Listen, do not fear them
They may help you, but only if you hold them inside
The dead speak to us at night

Walls that keep the dead away
Come falling down as dreams hold sway
Listen close to what they say
The dead they speak at night

When you wake at morning’s light
Hold your dreams with all your might
Know they’re spun by those with sight
The dead they speak at night