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David Potts-Dupre: Music

Join the Union, Joe

(David Potts-Dupre)
Written by David Potts-Dupre and Carl Cantrell
My day job for the past 28 years has been representing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and their benefit funds. I’ve written political songs, but never a labor song. A friend at the IBEW, Carl Cantrell, who is an accomplished song writer, sent me an email telling me how he enjoyed my first cd. I wrote back suggesting we write a labor song together. I wrote him suggesting the idea of writing about a guy who rejects the union and he responded with the chorus. We had a rough cut on the lyrics on day one and polished it over the weekend, all via email.
Join the Union, Joe David Potts-Dupre/Carl Cantrell 3/09

Join the union Joe, you know you deserve a raise
Inflation is robbing you and they should up your wage
Aren’t you tired of working hard every day of your life
Wouldn’t you like some time off for you and your wife

Join the union Joe; someday you’ll be getting old
What’re you going to do when your body just won’t go
You could wind up just like Benny when your working days are through
Doesn’t have a pension, didn’t pay his union dues
I don’t need a union I’ll stand on my own
I’m a self-made man, I’m young and I’m strong
I’d love a vacation, but a pension I’ll never use
I’m saving a couple of dollars on my union dues

Join the union Joe, make your daddy smile
He’s a proud union man he joined the rank and file
He could raise and feed you, on Local 30’s dime
Come on, you know you owe him, don’t you think it’s time

I don’t need a union I’m just fine on my own
I’m a self-made man, I’m young and I’m strong
I’m proud of my daddy, but I don’t share his views
I’m saving a couple of dollars on my union dues

Join the union Joe, it protects you when you’re down
Aren’t you getting tired of being shoved around
Sally lost her job last week, when her kids had the flu
She can’t do nothin’ about it, next it could be you

Join the union Joe, you think your work is fine
But you gotta know the company’s eyeing the bottom line
They closed the plant in Cleveland, and the one in Austin too
And now I hear they’re thinkin’ about eliminating you
I need to join the union, I finally see the light
Sally deserved security, she wasn’t done right
Ole Benny gave up his best years and he’s just barely getting by
I’ll pay my union dues and I’ll do it with pride

For all those who thought like this, and closed your eyes too tight
Just look around, it’s obvious, who’s wrong and who’s right
It’s in the morning papers and on the evening news
We’ll be saving lots of money by paying union dues
Just tell us where to go to pay our union dues