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David Potts-Dupre: Music

Not Like You

(David Potts-Dupre)
Not Like You David Potts-Dupre 9/15/07

My child cries, it's four a.m., I drag myself from sleep
I comfort her as best I can, until she's dreaming deep
With eyes half closed, I rub her back and lean to kiss her head
I stand and gaze and then slowly walk back to my empty bed

She looks and acts a lot like you, she did right from the start
Reminding me of days gone by, before you broke my heart
I wish that you could see her now, I wish so many things
But wishes aren't reality, they aren't what Karma brings

Bridge - You left when she was only two, just like when you were young
An orphaned girl left all alone, like so many tales are sung
Well I understand the scars that caused, no dad to comfort you
No mama's love to fill you up, no one to hold on to

I hold inside the fear that she, will turn out just like you
That when she finds that life's not fair, like you she'll come unglued
That love and trust and honesty, and joy, she may never hold
She may never know that life's more warm after living through some cold

Bridge Before you left I'd promised you, I'd always stay around
I'd be for her a steady rock, I'd never let her down
I'd always love and care for her, through both the good and bad
I said, "I vow to be for her, the dad you never had"

At six a.m. the sun comes up, she's sleeping in my bed
I lean in close to hold her tight, remembering what I said
Her tiny body next to mine, I whisper, "I love you"
With eyes still closed, she whispers back, "me too, daddy, me too"

Song Notes

Not Like You

This one comes solely out of my imagination, but it is based on my feelings of being a dad. Some people feel the guy in this song is bitter about his ex-wife and I guess the title does support that interpretation, but I feel like the guy has sympathy for her. She did break his heart, but it's more sadness than anger at this point. It's sort of a song about nature versus nurture. He worries that his kid will carry some of her mother's genes and be too fragile, but he's also committed to making sure she doesn't have the upbringing her mother had. I think the last line suggests that love will carry the day.