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David Potts-Dupre: Music

Roll the Dice

(David Potts-Dupre)
I learned the Greg Brown song "Brand New ’64 Dodge" with a CGDGBD tuning. I really like how the drop C string resonates. Stealing some of those chords, I came up with this song about accepting and embracing a scary relationship.
Roll the Dice David Potts-Dupre 4/12

Darling, I want you near
It took some time, but it’s now so clear
I know that it’s been hard
And I know I’ve left some scars

I got what I deserve
And I know you’re thinking that I’ve got some nerve
How could I expect you back
I understand, but this is a fact

Just give me one more chance at paradise
Just give me one more chance at paradise
And I’ll make it clear, if you roll the dice
And give me one more chance at paradise

It may seem weak, but I was scared
I’d never had someone who cared
I ran from that, but I’m not running now
And I’ll make to you this solemn vow

So darling, if you still care
What’s passed is past, I promise I’ll be there
I will love with all my heart
If you roll the dice and give us one more start