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David Potts-Dupre: Music


(David Potts-Dupre)
The lyrics to this one were started the night I got back from watching George Clooney in Up in the Air. It helped me to tap into intense feelings of loneliness. I don’t live a lonely life, but there is no question that I often feel lonely and out of place in certain situations. Steve again took this song to new places and I think his ideas intensified the feeling of loneliness.
Lonely David Potts-Dupre 12/09

When I went to my niece’s wedding I just sat and watched all the couples
And you know they cried when she said I do
And I watched them dance at the reception and they looked so happy
And I felt so lost and out of place
I’m lonely, I’m lonely

And then I watch that couple fighting at the bar and that little kid screaming in the store
And I think to myself, my life’s not really that bad you know
And just for awhile I feel righteous,
But then I see that same little kid smiling up at her Dad
I’m lonely, I’m lonely

Sitting at a diner listening to my music – Talking to myself – I’ll be that crazy old man one day
Scared of growing old and being alone and afraid – Listening to the songs speak of the need for love
All you need is love All you need is love All you need is love Love is all you need

Last Christmas I sat and opened up one of my presents under the tree
And I said, “How’d you know I wanted one of these”
And I said, “You know, I know you pretty well – what’d you get me?”
And I said, “Oh, you’re gonna be so surprised”
I’m lonely, I’m lonely

Then one fine spring day, I saw a woman reading a book on a bench
And I just went up and sat down right next to her and I asked
“What’re you reading?” and she said, “Kafka”
And I just looked at her and then I asked, “Are you lonely”
Yes, I’m lonely, I’m lonely
Are you lonely too
Yes, I’m lonely, I’m lonely
Will you be lonely with me?