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David Potts-Dupre: Music

Come Be With Me

(David Potts-Dupre)
I’m not an instrument techie. I stick with a guitar for a long long time. I’m on my third guitar over 40 years of playing and I’ve still got my other two (I keep one at work when inspiration strikes). I did, however, get a ukulele in Hawaii a few years ago. I went with a baritone uke because I like the lower sound and I’m lazy (a baritone uke is strung like the top four strings of a guitar so I didn’t need to learn new fingerings). I came up with this song just playing around with the uke. It came very fast and I really like the simplicity of this song. I was particularly happy to get the Parkington Sisters into the recording studio with me on this song. Rose sang the counterpoint with me. It was a highlight of my musical career.
Come Be With Me David Potts-Dupre 4/11

Come play with me – Summer has just begun
Meet where we kissed – Under the willow tree
Let’s run away – Then it will only be
You and me, mmm mmm

Come dance with me – Under the light of stars
A song for you – I’ll write it from your brown eyes
Just hold me close – The world will only be
You and me, mmm mmm

Come lay with me – That’s all I’ll ever need
Let’s stay all day – There’s nothing I’d rather do
This bed will be – A castle built only for
You and me, mmm mmm

Come hold my hand – Walk in the darkest woods
Let’s find our way – Under the towering trees
Get lost with me – Then we will always be
You and me, mmm mmm

Come be with me – From now through eternity
To be with you – Heaven on earth for me
Day after day – Forever we’ll always be
You and me, mmm mmm