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David Potts-Dupre: Music

Katharine and Rebecca

(David Potts-Dupre)
David Potts-Dupre

Now it seems to me does it to you that kids are growing quicker
By seventh grade they're growing beards and sneaking pints of liquor
Alright alright I confess, I may exaggerate
But you get my point I don't believe I need elaborate

Now I've got you girls, you beautiful girls, two magical wonderful girls
In many ways like peas in a pod in others from different worlds
And I've marveled as I've watched you grow from babies to young women
And I hope that you appreciate the joy to me you've given

But the time has come to let you go to slip and stumble and fall
To see the world as it truly is to know it warts and all
I can't be there forever more to keep you from harm's way
But if you'll listen one more time I've one last thing to say

You are the most amazing kids a dad has ever known
I'm more in awe of who you are as each new year you've grown
I know that you are bound to make a lasting mark upon this earth
And I know that those who share your lives will come to know your worth

Write a book or sing some songs or do some wondrous deed
Play some games, discover cures always look out for those in need
Climb mountain, build a fountain or swim across the ocean
You can do most anything if you've only got the notion

And though the clouds will surely come and blot out all the sun
You have the strength to carry on your rainbow it will come
And when the sky is grey and dark with forboding clouds above
My greatest joy would be to feel you reach out for my love

For through it all, through good and bad, you should always know
My love for you it has no end no matter where you go
And if you're feeling lonely and overcome by fears
My arms are here to wrap you tight and I'll kiss away your tears
My arms are here to wrap you tight and I'll kiss away your tears

Song Notes

By the way, around the time the recording started, I wrote a new melody for the song and we performed it. I liked the melody and the performance, but it was a bit too bouncy and poppish for my song for the kids. I ended up writing a whole new version of the song and that's what is listed on the cd. We eventually decided to include the other version as an Easter Egg (as Fritz calls it).