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David Potts-Dupre: Music

Shooting Star

(David Potts-Dupre)
Shooting Star David Potts-Dupre 1/24/08

Round the bonfire, cups of wine
Tears and laughter, wait for my sign
Stories of joy and songs of sorrow
For the one gone today, and for those here tomorrow

Trail of wonder, Trail of fire
Trail of love, a celestial pyre
Trail to stillness, Trail to transcend
Trail to silence, a meteor's end

Chill in the air, on a clear autumn night
Eyes glance skyward to catch my last flight
The stories are told, the tears are all gone
There's a sense of peace and a feeling of calm

What would you choose
When you've drawn your last breath
How to celebrate life
In the midst of your death
It should be so special
I want to blaze one last time
I want to come down to earth
In a way that's sublime

Nestled in snug in blankets on the lawn
Search overhead, an hour before dawn
Remember once more as I streak cross the sky
A shooting star is my way, it's my final goodbye

Song Notes

Shooting Star

I have had a dream for awhile that when I die my body will be taken into outer space and shot back towards earth to become a shooting star. The Washington Post asked in early 2008 whether readers had interesting plans for their funerals. I submitted my plan and it was published in the Post. At the time, I was beginning the recording of this cd and I decided to try a hand at writing a song about this idea. It seemed to be the perfect way to end the cd (except for the Easter Egg, of course).