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David Potts-Dupre: Bio

Wow, what a journey to undertake in my fifties! It’s been exhilarating, exhausting, humbling, exciting, fun and difficult – in every single second of the process. I have so many people to thank and recognize for encouraging me to pursue this dream.

Steve and Fritz have described musicians like me as rediscovery artists. That’s been my process over the past decade – rediscovering the artist inside. Most of the credit for the rediscovery process goes to TakomaZone and those who make up that collective of musicians. When Dan and I got together seven or so years ago and began playing music together, I never could have imagined that I would be putting together a CD of mostly my own music. From the lonely church room, to the Electrik Maid where TakomaZone began with a bang, to Savory Café where we have held down the fort every Saturday night for more years than I can believe, to the Folk Festival, the political gatherings, the Takoma Park events, the house concerts and so forth, to the recording of what you hold in your hand at Asparagus Media, the musician inside has been nurtured, watered, fed, loved, trimmed, weeded and cared for. I owe a unique debt to Dan for pulling me out of my musical doldrums of twenty years and for being a constant musical companion and friend. Every single one of the musicians in TakomaZone, past and present, too many to name or properly recognize (although I must thank Russ for taking the recording plunge and spurring me on to do the same), sits in a very special place in my heart and, whether you played here or not, you are part of this CD.

The musicians who created this CD were just amazing. Thank you Dan for your mandolin and bouzouki and your unique sense of rhythm. And, thank you for building a building that brought Steve, Fritz and Asparagus Media into Takoma Park and into my life. Our rhythm section with Tom on bass and Sven on drums and percussion brought life to my music that I didn’t realize existed. Sven, your happy smile while playing my songs made me feel that maybe they were worth something and Tom, thanks for pushing us to scrap the click tracks on some of the songs and play live – that paid off big time. Mindy, Steve, Karen and Jay, it was a joy to play with you on this as it has been a joy to play with you for so many years. Mike and Mark, your guitar and uilleann totally and wonderfully transformed a few of my songs. And, to the Meatball Choir, all I can say is that I did get bread with my meatball.

I have a special thank you for two of the new musicians on the CD – new to me, but not new to music. Steve and Fritz are the brains and body of Asparagus Media. I contacted them before they even had the studio built and I was one of the first musicians to play in that studio. I can’t thank you both enough for the instruments you added to the CD, but even more important was the experience, emotion and heart you brought to the creation of the CD. You listened to and understood the music, you suggested adventurous avenues but were also willing to adapt to my thoughts, and you were able to take my vague, unformed and often contradictory ideas and translate them to a cohesive whole. I knew from our first phone conversation that I wanted to record with you guys and the whole experience has more than exceeded my expectations.

Thanks also to Laura diCurcio, Thom Wolf, Conor Dupre Neary, and Richard and Berdina Henry, who all contributed immensely to the CD design. Laura and I collaborated on what I think is a fun and interesting theme – the Sam/Preacher and Mona/Teacher voices. You brainstormed this theme with me, added your own imprint to it and created a great package. Thom, as so often over the years, I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to jump in and help me on my many weird projects. Your studio photos were wonderful and your photo shoots with Sam and Mona were so much fun. Nephew Conor, your cover photo from Woodhill in Western Maryland perfectly captured the God/man – heaven/earth theme of Sam and Mona. When I saw that photo, I knew I had to scrap all my plans and started over. Richard and Berdina, thank you for standing in as Sam and Mona. Berdina, you represent all the best of Mona and Richard, you represent nothing of Sam – I can’t believe how difficult it was to get you to put on a stern face.

Finally, if you listen to a few of my original songs, you will soon realize that my family is everything to me. I’m not going to even try to describe the love I have for you, Katharine and Rebecca. I wrote the song “For My Kids” many years ago (I can still remember singing that for you and Lori at Woodhill) and it reflected the pride and love I had for you at that time. That pride and love has grown a hundred fold since then. To paraphrase the song, you are the most amazing kids a dad has ever known and my love for you it has no end no matter where you go. Lastly, but mostly, Lori, you are my soul mate. We’ve been together since we were sixteen and I can’t imagine how empty my life would have been if you hadn’t introduced yourself to Pie Face. It may have taken me 37 years to be able to express it in song, and I know I’ve been blessed by many things in life, but more than all other things combined, I’ve been blessed to be by your side all these years. This CD is dedicated to you.